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Kimac Industries Essential Oil Fragrance Liquid Blending Bulk Manufacturing


Kimac Industries Oil Essential Fragrance Manufacture

Essential Oils, Fragrances, & Liquids made here.

Kimac houses stainless steel blending and batching tanks designed to handle a wide variety of liquids for blending and batching large bulk quantities. With experience in Essential Oils, Fragrances, and a variety of other non-ingestible liquids - Kimac can be your go-to for bulk production and more. 

Common Product Types

These types of liquids are commonly blended in bulk, and able to be processed at Kimac:

Kimac Industries Essential Oil Manufacturer


Essential Oils are wonderful on their own - and very commonly blended together in proprietary combinations to create entirely new products for consumers. Kimac can batch and blend your formula, tailored to your exact requirements in both process and composition.

Kimac Industries Fragrance Oil Perfume Scent Manufacture


Kimac has vast experience with fragrances - understanding that high notes matter and must be protected to ensure perfect notes throughout your scent or fragrance product. Handled with care and blended to your specification, your customers will thank you for the experience.

Kimac Industries Soap Liquid Blending Manfuacturer Oils Cosmetics Topical Product


Body oils, cosmetics, and other non-ingestible liquid products such as soaps can easily be batched and blended in our liquid handling equipment. If you have a single product, or an entire line of branded goods - Kimac has you covered from blend to fill.

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