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Kimac Industries Powder Pouch Filling


Gusset Pouches & Bags.

Gusset Pouches or bags are a fantastic solution and choice when it comes to Powder Fills. Logistically economical and equally beautiful in finish - Kimac will get it filled, sealed, and delivered. Kimac's production floor houses a fully automated pouch filling system designed to scale, and we can accommodate volumes down to just a few thousand units. Heat sealed, zip locked, or combination of both secures your product safely inside while the stand-up pouch and ample print surface enable great shelf presence and an impactful customer experience with your brand. 

Kimac Industries Powder Pouch Gusset Pouch Filling Packaging Manufacturing

Common Product Types

These types of products are commonly filled into pouches, and able to be processed at Kimac:

Kimac Industries Powder Supplement Manufacturer CoPacker Kimac


Pre-workout, protein powder, creatine, BCAAs, and other popular fitness and wellness products are familiar faces at Kimac. We can blend and produce your product - and have it packaged into any form factor you desire: containers, pouches, stick packs, or other.

Kimac Industries Powder Supplement Manufacturer CoPacker Kimac


Spices such as a savory salt blend, steak seasoning, or other granular seasoning products can be made here at Kimac. We also produce and package bulk food goods - such as brownie dry mix, pizza dough dry mix, cake dry mix, and other baking and food products.

Kimac Industries Powder Supplement Manufacturer CoPacker Kimac


Monk fruit, xylitol, erythritol, sugar, and many other unique and popular blends of sweeteners and food additives are produced here. Contact Kimac to discuss your project and we will happily help you with a solution to your production, manufacturing, and supply chain needs.

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